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Calibration is one of the essential processes used to maintain instrument accuracy. Calibration is a procedure that must be performed at regular intervals. It verifies the working condition of the measuring instrument, while confirming that one is aware of how much “error” there is in the measuring instrument’s reading. There are different types of calibration carried out on different instruments.

Types of Calibration.

1. Pressure Calibration

Pressure Calibration is applied in multiple industries where measurement equipment is used to monitor processes performance for example; a hydraulic pressure.

2. Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration refers to calibration on any instrument that measures temperature. It involves the use of thermistors, and thermocouples.

3. Flow Calibration

Flow calibration involves comparing measurements of a flow meter in operation to that of a standard flow measurement device under the same conditions and adjusting the scale of the flow meter to be in close agreement with the standard.

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